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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar or apply to you?

You still have plenty of professional ambition to burn but there isn’t any more room for advancement in your organization beyond your current position.

You’re tired of the commute, travel, expense reports, unproductive meetings, office politics… all for what? You’re exhausted at the end of the week but yet you don’t feel fulfilled… something’s wrong with this picture.

You don’t feel in control of your own time or even your own destiny. Maybe you have aging parents who live far away, who suddenly could use your help… maybe you woke up one day and realized your little kids are now teenagers and you find yourself wishing you could make more family time… or maybe you just want the freedom to go on an impromptu trip with your buddies occasionally.

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Most candidates I work with usually are experiencing a number of these challenges. They’re tired of building someone else’s dream. They’re tired of the sheer exhaustion that comes from navigating office politics and climbing the so-called corporate ladder. It’s usually not any one thing but the culmination of a number of factors that get them to reassess and ask themselves, "What am I doing? What do I want to do going forward?" I WORK IN THE SOLUTION. It is what drives me, thrills me, gets me up in the morning. There is nothing better than when my candidates, many of whom still stay in touch with me years later, express their gratitude and appreciation for how I helped them change their lives for the better.


Over the course of two decades I have helped hundreds of people get into business ownership. Many of the candidates who I helped to achieve their dream of business ownership have been been named Top Performers, and have received prestigious Rookie of the Year and Franchisee of the Year awards.

This isn’t blind luck; this happens because, with my help, they go into business with realistic expectations after having thoroughly investigated their chosen franchise. They use the skills, talents, and experience that already made them successful in their prior careers, and combine that with good old-fashioned hard work and the proven systems and best practices from their franchisor partner. The magic of franchising is that you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. And the combination of personal ambition, professional experience, and entrepreneurial drive—in tandem with a franchisor partner with a proven track record of success—is usually hard to beat!


If any of this sounds appealing to you, come inside and explore. You will get to know me better, learn more about the process, read success stories about prior candidates who made the leap and are living their dream, and if after all your exploring you are thinking "I want what they have" then you can schedule a free consultation with me.


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

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“I found Tana online and was skeptical to use a business consultant at first, but it ended up being the greatest experience ever for my wife and I. My wife was a homemaker and looking to start a business I could help her with and Tana delivered an exceptional product. The experience was amazing as she took her time to get personal and know what our likes and dislikes were. My wife needless to say fell in love with her and we could not be happier. Currently we have three successful franchise locations and would not start any business venture without Tana’s help. I have also sent her numerous referrals and everyone is blown away by her professionalism.”

- William K., Myrtle Beach SC

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