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The reality is that finding a really good franchise business specifically right for you is a big project. There are thousands of franchises in all different types of industries. And not just food! Figuring out which one is just right for you can seem daunting. I CAN HELP. I make the process fun while offering technical advice and expert guidance. I help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

This is a multi-step consultative and confidential process that typically occurs over a 4-6 week timeframe depending on a variety of factors. First, let’s face it, life happens… you and your spouse or significant other may have a vacation planned, your kid’s birthday is coming up, you have a wedding to attend. Second, we're excited to move forward to the next step yet at the same time we're focused and diligent in our work together. But more important than getting it done quickly, we are most interested in getting it done RIGHT, and finding you the business that is the best match for YOU. So we move forward deliberately yet patiently.

Step 1 


The first step is to contact me to schedule an initial 30-minute call where I learn what’s going on with you, why you’re considering business ownership, and what you hope to achieve. We talk next steps, timing, and best course of action to move forward.

Step 2


Fill out a confidential questionnaire. This should only take about 20-30 minutes. It’s intended to give me a nice overview on you and it begins to build the framework of the model that I develop to match you to franchises.

Step 3


Schedule a comprehensive phone consultation where I finish gathering all the information I need to finalize your model. We’ll cover topics in franchising—a crash course in franchising 101, what to expect in the process with franchisors, and I answer any additional questions you have.

Step 4


Next, I match you to companies that are a good fit for you (and you for them) based on an extensive variety of factors—such as professional experience, transferable skills, net worth, time commitment, geography, and other business characteristics, just to name a few.

Step 5


Once you begin to engage with them, your access to my expertise and experience doesn’t stop there. I stay with you all throughout the process giving you tips and tools to help you get all the information you need to make well-educated decisions. You may have been wildly successful in your career, but there are potential minefields that I can help you navigate. I can save you tremendous time and effort.

Step 6


Once we find the business that is right for you based on all of your criteria, we celebrate you turning your dreams into reality!

What Does This Cost?


This question is understandably almost always the first question my candidates ask (it would be the first question on my mind if I was exploring business ownership for the first time). My services are free. I am paid by franchisors when I make a placement, much like how a recruiter is paid by an employer. So this means that although I will work with you for many weeks, even sometimes several months, you will never pay me a dime.



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