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When I think about one of my favorite people that I have worked with, I think of Alec. He was a C-suite executive, thirty years of extensive experience in marketing, brand positioning, strategic planning, and so forth. Ivy League degree. Family man. Outdoors guy—and as we began working together, I learned all about his kite surfing trips to Hawaii and Baja California.    


He came to me wanting something to ease him out of the corporate world. He knew time was ticking for people like him at his level and pay. Even though he was in his mid-fifties, he was young and vibrant and nowhere near thinking about retiring. He was really focused on finding something more fulfilling, while still continuing to make good money. And he wanted more control of his time.  


Even though he was great at research, the big breakthrough for Alec happened when I introduced him to a company he never would’ve thought of before on his own. And the company was so new, it hadn’t even made the top franchise lists yet.


So with me providing the tips and tools to help him make the right decision, we landed on the perfect business for him. If you met Alec today, he would tell you ‘Tana changed my life.’


There is nothing better than that.


In our industry, we refer to the people we work with as candidates. One of the most memorable is Derek. When we first began working together, he was in his thirties—already quite successful—in a mid-level management position in I.T.


But he was so done with corporate. He saw the writing on the wall that this was not for him, especially since he wasn’t so sure that this ‘corporate ladder’ was the one he wanted to climb. He was also tired of being behind a desk all day and wanted to be out and about. I mean, we only get one life.


I got to know Derek and his wife well. Like most spouses, she was hesitant to engage at first, having her own set of concerns which included two kids under the age of 7. She was worried about him changing careers and she was also thinking, who is this person advising him? But over time, we got to know each other well. She became comfortable with the process, especially as I made sure to really listen and learn about both their desires.


I’m happy to say that today Derek is multiple years into his new life, and has proudly achieved Rookie of the Year and other franchisee awards. He’s running a very successful, high-earning business. And best of all, answering only to himself… well, except for when his wife calls…


I mean, you only get one life.


Palm Trees


“I found Tana online and was skeptical to use a business consultant at first, but it ended up being the greatest experience ever for my wife and I. My wife was a homemaker and looking to start a business I could help her with and Tana delivered an exceptional product. The experience was amazing as she took her time to get personal and know what our likes and dislikes were. My wife needless to say fell in love with her and we could not be happier. Currently we have three successful franchise locations and would not start any business venture without Tana’s help. I have also sent her numerous referrals and everyone is blown away by her professionalism.”

- William K., Myrtle Beach SC

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