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Do Today What Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

In the past 24 hours I found myself in three different conversations about the benefits of having vision and consistent structure in both our personal and professional lives. Because let's face it, success breeds success; when we are thriving in one area of our life, we usually do better in the other areas of our life also.  One was with a personal friend about their recent 13-pound weight loss. They had been carrying around the extra weight for five years, and put off doing something about it for all the familiar reasons that we talk ourselves out of doing the hard, yet simple, straightforward work. And they finally asked themselves, "How do I want to look and feel a year from now?" Another conversation was with a franchise placement of mine. Like most business owners operating in the middle of a pandemic, he has been faced with some new challenges. One was structuring his time differently in response to the interruptions so many of us are dealing with. His primary focus needs to be on not letting anything get in the way of his income-generating activities; he knows that if he could focus and consistently block two hours per day to that one activity, his business would continue to grow. So, he asked himself, "What do I want my business to look like a year from now?" The third was with a new prospective candidate considering business ownership. How is she to manage her career with a full work load, a busy family life—particularly amid our new Covid-adjusted lives—and the idea of taking on a new project and launching a business? She asked herself, "What sense of lifestyle, independence, and financial freedom do I envision for myself in the future?"

In my experience, each of these scenarios needs vision—you have to know what you want—and consistent structure in order to achieve it. You can reduce calories periodically and throw in an occasional workout or two, but unless you do it consistently for a period of time, you won’t see serious results. As a business owner, you can block a little bit of time to generate new business—whatever that activity looks like—but the effort will only produce sporadic results if you don’t block the time consistently. If you are someone considering a new way to plan for the future, i.e. owning your own business, then you already have a vision. And what I do is to help provide you with the structure necessary to achieve the vision, which in our line of work typically requires that you commit 6-8 hours per week for 4-6 weeks. So do today what your future self will thank you for—if your vision is to control your own destiny through business ownership, then reach out to me.  All the best,  Tana Hutchinson Franchoice 858-282-6003 I place Franchise Top Performers and Franchisees / Rookies of the Year


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